About Our Fields

We have 4 different and amazing paintball fields available for your paintball adventure. Test your skills on our safe and exciting courses. Your admission includes access to all 4 fields, which are always changing and rotating. We offer you an adventure you won't soon forget!

Field 1

Fast paced, several blue and gray castle bunkers, good for hiding and playing "defend the castle". Field size approximately 100 x 200 ft, great size for speedball!

Field 2

Larger than field 1, approximately 125 x 250 ft. ft. Lots of wooden wire spools, woods ball meets speedball.

Field 3

Smallest of all 4 fields at approximately 100x150 ft. A close quarters field that is fast moving and makes you play. With little cover behind several wooden pallets and trees, expect the unexpected at any time!

Field 4

The largest of all 4 fields, shaped like a diamond you can hide behind trees and stumps. Giant spools for awesome cover with castles to integrate many different game play options.

All 4 fields can be played together or individually.